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    Mini Drone Quad Induction Levitation UFO Hand Operated Helicopter Toys For Kids

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Improved version of the UFO mini drone! Better than the same kind of product!

The other UFO drones have only two sensors on the side and our product has four sensors. Therefore, our products are more sensitive. The mini quadrocopter uses the latest in infrared sensor technology with a smart sensor on the side and bottom. The unique UFO remote quadcopter responds quickly to your movements. The drone automatically avoids obstacles.


-Advanced hand operated drone: One of the best and interesting toy for kids, teenagers, and adults; Multiple functions and easy to operate, keep your kids hours of fun. -Higher Responsive Flying: Built in 4 side sensors, to help this drone fly better than others. This cool flying ball is gravity defying hover drone, it can perform auto hover, super cool to play! -So simple to fly: Toss this drone gently in the air, it will automatically hover, put your hand up and close him, it will fly to the direction you want. It's a very easy control toys even for boys 4 years old! -Safe and durable: This flying toys is made of high grade ABS material which is lightweight, flexible and collision resistance, allows you to fly it both outdoor and indoor. The motion sensors can detect obstacles, ensure a safe play! -Mini and Portable: It can be flied outdoor or indoor, take it travel or birthday party activities. Charge the hand drones under an hour with USB cable; quick, and reliable!


-Weight: 92.2 Gram -Dimensions: 110*110*85 mm -Use Age: 4 years old and up -Flight Time: Approx. 5-8 minutes -Charging Time: About 40 minutes -Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 300 mAh Lithium Battery


1*UFO Hands-Free Drone 1*USB Charging Cable 1*User Manual in Delicate Color Box

Q&A 1: Why my ball drone is spinning ?

Thanks to the four powerful engines, your flying ball can rotate in 360 degree automatically. Fun drone for toddles .

Q&A 2: How can I start it?

1st start:

Switch on the power supply and wait until the four indicator lights come on. Throw the drone gently into the air, then it flies by itself and floats slowly in a radius of 360 degrees.

2nd Control:

If you place your hands under them, it will rise; If you place your hand close to your side, it will fly in the opposite direction. When she flies to a certain height, she sinks again.

Q&A 3: How can I stop it?

Grab and flip it over to stop flying. And the impact design won’t hurt you. Safe toy for you and you friends, family, and companions.


1. Please recharge the batteries fully before the first flight. And the batteries do not fly completely empty. 2. Keep a distance from people, animals and danger zones when flying. 3. Make sure the drone is off before loading. 4. Please note the altitude of the drone when playing outdoors. If it flies too high, it can lead to disconnections and the drone is no longer controllable.

Aviation Protection

The drone automatically detects the objects and flies around them.

Collision Protection (Auto-Avoid Obstacles)

If the drone falls to the ground or collides with other objects, the engines stop immediately.

Automatic Shutdown Protection

The drone stops charging when the battery is fully charged.

Cool LED Light

Green Light for medium speed. Blue light for high speed.

Two Speed Modes

When you are in medium speed mode, the light is green. While you enter high speed mode, the light will turn blue. This makes it fit to beginners or experts.